Battle station gaming and streaming essentials

When setting up a battle station, you should consider having gaming and streaming essentials. The article will cover keyboard, mouse, monitor, headsets, desk, chair, external speakers as the key things for gaming essentials. Also, it will cover microphone, streaming technologies, and internal sound cards as the key elements for battlestation streaming essentials. In this post we will give a brief overview of these essentials without digging deeper into each specific essential.


For your battle station to get that ideal touch and feel, the finest gaming keyboard should be responsive, reliable, and possibly adorned with RGB lights. When you add in some unique media controls, volume wheels, keycaps, brilliant lighting options, and occasionally even replacement switches, your fingers are in for a real treat. You'll interact with your battlestation keyboard more than any other piece of hardware on your desk, so it's important to get it correctly.

Because battlestation preferences differ from person to person, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all battlestation keyboard. The variety of battlestation keyboards available these days can be daunting. Even keyboard switches exist in a variety of colors and types, so you should research the ideal ones. Before you get to the cash register, make sure you have a mechanical keyboard switched on.

The next decision is whether to opt with a 60% board or tenkeyless (TKL) offering to conserve valuable desk space or a full-sized keyboard with media controls. There are numerous keyboards on the market which depend mainly on your preference, budget, or both. Here is a list of ideal keyboards for your battlestation.


Other than the keyboard, what is the one thing you utilize most when using your PC? Your mouse. So selecting the best mouse is one sure way of upgrading your battlestation setup and also one of the most affordable ways too.

Mice make a very important part of any battlestation setup and have the capacity to improve or break your performance. It is important to understand which features are most crucial for a specific mouse and know which other alternative options are available to find the best mouse for your battlestation. You need to find a mouse that has a good grip style, is relatively light, comfortable, and glides smoothly on your mouse pad. Another thing that should be important for your battlestation mouse is that it should be appealing to your eyes. A mouse is a great investment for any battlestation , but there is a huge difference in features, design and quality.

Wired and wireless mouse are the popular mice best for any battlestation. Remember a better mouse gives you deadly-accuracy and increases your performance. So whether you are looking for a light or heavy, wireless or wired or one with additional buttons, you should take some time to research a mouse that gives you a combination of speed, accuracy, and performance.


A monitor is another gaming component important for any battlestation. A good monitor should provide the best mix of size, refresh rate, and resolution to offer a spectacular display. A quality monitor is absolutely important for any battlestation since other than showing what your PC is capable of, it helps in making the most out of your graphics card and high performance CPU. 

Choosing a monitor that uses the most recent technology becomes a real eye opener as it will offer you better colors, higher refresh rate, and lower latencies for a smoother experience. As far as a monitor is important , you should remember that it's the graphics card that dictates what kind of monitor is worth getting for your battlestation. Best battlestation screens require good graphics cards to reach their full potential. For instance, it’s pointless buying a 4k monitor or an ultra wide one when you’re planning on using a lower graphics card. 

The key important things to consider when selecting a monitor are: maximum resolution, brand, screen size, price, availability, refresh rate, condition, features, condition, monitor response time, panel type, and customer ratings. Yes, I said customer ratings. Customer ratings guide you in knowing whether a certain monitor meets the features or performs as per the manufacturer's/sellers description.


A headset is an essential aspect of any battlestation setup, be it for lengthy gaming sessions, watching a movie, working online for long periods of time, or performing other tasks. Getting a headset also allows you to have a great microphone and headphones in one box, which saves you money and space. 

If you want to use your battlestation for online gaming, you'll need a good headset. You won't be able to crap talk the competition or arrange strategies with your team or group if you don't have one. Interestingly, these headsets are incredibly good office tools.

Your options range from affordable, simulated surround sound, wireless, over-ear headphones available through hobbyist sites to expensive, e-sports-oriented, wireless, over-ear headphones found at drug stores.  You should buy the one that best suits your budget and requirements. Luckily, you wouldn't need a lot of money to buy a good headset; if you don't want to invest in high-end capabilities and connectivity choices, approximately $55 will suffice.

Wireless and wired headsets are the two major headset categories that exist on the market. However, you should know that wireless headsets often cost more. Most importantly, every headset is compatible with a variety of systems, computers, and mobile devices.  Luckily, you can use bluetooth to connect to your battlestation computer via a wireless headset. Other systems need a different wireless connection, which is frequently accomplished by plugging a separate base into your PC.

Although Bluetooth has come a long way in recent years, proprietary wireless connections tend to offer  faster responsiveness, excellent audio quality,and a stronger signal. 


A chair is a very important part of any battlestation that will help you achieve great performance in front of your computer. A chair focuses on offering you full-range support that reduces muscle fatigue and lets you maintain a good posture. When you're using your battlestation, you need to be able to concentrate on the task at hand. It'll be difficult to concentrate if you're continually shifting around to maintain a comfortable position. Although you may be able to relax on your sofa or in an armchair in your living area, a gaming chair can provide you with a comfy seat that you can shift from spot to spot, ensuring continuous comfort whether you're playing you favorite game on the huge screen or watching a game replay at your battlestation.

There's a large collection of gaming chairs to match all kinds of battlestation  setups, from  recliners and rockers to traditional racing seats and even some more ergonomic and innovative  variants . Although some are expensive they are made of high-quality materials, such as sturdy steel frames and thickly filled cushions. Also, gaming chairs are ideal for studying at your desk since they come with adjustable armrests and backrests that allow you to alter the chair's posture while using your battlestation, reading a book, or writing on your desk. Some key features to check when selecting a battlestation chair include: seat height, seat width, seat depth, backrest length, backrest width, tilt, ergonomics, and the maximum load.


Desks are typically ignored furniture pieces, but they are the cornerstone of any successful battlestation setup. There's a lot to consider when selecting the ideal desk for your battlestation setup, from being a stable spot to put your battlestation PC and monitor to having enough space to sprawl out with your keyboard and mouse. Additionally, you should try for optimal ergonomics. If your battlestation is set too low or too high, you may be causing unnecessary strain on your muscles and joints, making it difficult to carry on with your work or play a bunch of games. It's therefore worthwhile to invest in a high-quality battlestation desk designed with comfortability, quality, and gamers in mind.


The finest  desk should be considered an ergonomic investment as well as a stand for your battlestation and its peripherals. Choosing the best battlestation desk might mean the difference between years of anguish and years of comfort. Let's face it: poor posture is a problem that affects us all. You're hunching there, I can see. As mentioned earlier a fine chair comes to your mind when you think of ergonomics, but coupling it with a good battlestation desk will double down on your dedication to enjoyment.

Consider whether you want to sit, stand, or do a little of both when picking the finest desk for your battle station. You'll also have to determine how much space your battle station monitors, keyboard, mouse, and other battle station items require, as well as whether your Computer prefers to be on your desk rather than on the dirty floor. Also, do you require a desk with cutouts for cable management? If so, some desks come with a slew of custom-made features, but you'll almost certainly pay extra for them. But believe us when we say that going cheap and replacing your complete desk after nine months is not a good idea. Well, here are some of the key features for a battle station desk: surface length, surface shapes, surface color, surface depth, price, manufacturer, and availability.

External speakers

Speakers that offer fantastic, booming sound are a must-have for any battle station setup. The finest PC speaker models for you will be determined by your budget, available space, and overall bass and sound quality preferences. Due to the general rise of gaming headsets, the finest speakers aren't as common as they once were, but they still have a role in your battlestation setup. We adore a good headset for your battlestation, but having a speaker will deliver a completely different experience, a speaker that will sound more bombastic, louder, and will not leave your head sweating after long sessions with your battlestation.


One of the most important considerations when choosing a battlestation speaker is the amount of space available. So If you have the space and you need spatial audio plus an outstanding sonic depth, you can decide to go for the traditional 2.1 left/right speaker configuration with a subwoofer placed beneath your desk.If you have bookcases next to your battle station, raising the speaker can help. Moreover, you can go for soundbars which will provide a  better solution if you don't have enough space. 


A good microphone should come in handy when setting up your battlestation especially when you plan on using it for gaming and streaming. A microphone will provide simplicity and clarity for both streaming and gaming. Also, the majority of the available microphones in the market are easy to set up and are adaptable in nature so you can utilize them with your preferred streaming platform such as Discord, Zoom, and Twitch without making any changes. Above everything, they make your voice sound amazing on the other end. 


However, one thing you should ask yourself is - What is the main purpose of buying a microphone?. Do you intend to have a conversation with a large group of individuals in a room? Do you want it for streaming or singing? Where and what you will use a microphone for is an important thing to consider. Remember some mics perform better at certain tasks than others and thus there is no need of wasting your time and money purchasing a microphone that has functions you might not need or will never use. With less than $99 you can get yourself a popular microphone with quality sound that competes with some of the most costly microphones on the market.

These essentials are just some of the main things required when setting up a battlestation - they will guide you to start building that battle station you have been dreaming of for days. However, you may add some extra things such as lighting which improves the aesthetic of your setup. 

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